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Otus is a software platform that includes several features focused on data collection, management, storage, collection and analysis of the information acquired. The data are arranged in customized format, which is prepared by a standardization system, enabling a fast, accurate analysis and results. The Otus-Solutions comes with the strong characteristic of remedy the existing difficulties in the area of data collection processes, seeking to provide a high level of accuracy to the researcher. The modeling done with Big Data, which gives autonomy to meet small to large projects

Business objective

Provide data collection solutions able to assist researchers in their analysis and subsequent decision making, in addition to providing agility in the process. Also, to ensure a reliable data collection to avoid rework and possibilities of errors.

Summary of the offer

• BIG DATA platform, developed for health care system, hospitals, insurance companies etc.
• Developed throughout 10 years for Project ELSA – program for the Ministry of Health Care (second largest program in the health care area) organizing information of 150.000 people.
• Initially developed for the R&D area and later migrating for medical data and storage – unifying personal data for hospitals medical clinics and insurance companies.
• Over 130K revenue in 2019.
• Extremely qualifies team of Phd's in the health care and statistics areas.


Porto Algre

Date of foundation


Acting region

Brazil, all territory, with the possibility of internationalization.

Market segment

Information Technology Services